All Services Offered at Oracle & Sage are given by Certified Professionals. We are not Circus Fortune Tellers.


Each reader has their own personal style of readings and abilities. We hire only the best of the best, vetted readers. Readings typically last 20-30 minutes. We will choose your reader according to availability and the style we feel will best suit your needs. These are scheduled (preferred) or walk-in if there’s availability.

$58 Individual, $96 Couples (married or domestic partners), Groups of 5 or more receive a 10% discount and are by appointment only.

Aura Photo Reading & Report

Using specialized equipment, we are able to create a 15 page report for you to learn about your aura, chakras, personality and much more. We take about 10-15 minutes to give a brief reading and explanation of the findings. The report is then emailed within 24 hours for you to keep and review in detail. We do these by walk-in only with the exception of groups of five or more.

$38 Individual Report, Groups of 5 or more receive a 10% discount at request.

Satori Meditation Chair Session

A beautiful lounge chair which gently delivers specific vibrational frequencies throughout the body, physically balancing the energy centers, while you listen through headphones to the Quantum Harmonics sound and music, guiding your brainwaves to levels of deep relaxation and meditative states.  These sessions last 30 minutes and are by walk-in or scheduled. (Description courtesy of Red Slane)

$58 (Special Introductory Price of $20 for first time visitors)

Have an aura photo done, amazing how accurate mine was.

— Dalonda B

Donna is truly gifted! I’m glad I had the sessions I had with her!

-Tom H

Lisa made me feel so comfortable and I felt like she knew me before I even sat down. It wasn’t like you see on tv – where you sit down and a lady with a turban tells you exactly what you want to hear and everything is going to be instantly perfect. She is down to earth and very helpful in explaining what she’s learning and seeing. Loved her!

— Michelle D

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